I was born in Madrid, in 1957. I got my Univesity Degree on Chemistry in the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, by 1979. Later, I followed some postgraduate educational degrees, namely, Master in Biotechnology (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Master in Business Administration (CESEM Business School, Madrid), DNA Cloning and Sequencing (Free University of Amsterdam), Radiochemistry Applied to Life Sciences (Amersham plc, United Kingdom) and Scientific Journalism (Universidad Menendez y Pelayo, Santander, Spain).

Professional Career
My professional life has been entirely developed in the Pharmaceutical Industry, in companies like Amersham plc (former British Nuclear Council), Hoffman-La Roche (Basel, Switzerland), Anitbióticos Farma (Spain), Pliva DD (Zagreb, Croatia), presently integrated in TEVA, Dr Reddy´s (Hyderabad, India) and Actavis (Reykjavík, Iceland), presently integrated in TEVA, both in Spain and in other countries. I was living for a year in Basel (Switzerland) and a shorter time in Croatia. In Spain I have been working both in Madrid and Barcelona. I occupied management positions, being General Manager since 1991 until 2011, when I became an independent consultant for Pharma Industry, specialized in Strategy. Presently, I am very focussed towards Merger& Acquisitions, within the “family-owned” medium and small companies.

Personal Profile
My preferences are simple, and they may be summarized as follows:

  •  I firmly believe in the rationalism and the “systematic doubt” is my flag. I do not have  “ideology” but library.
  • I use to put under question any kind of “undeniable truth”; those truths that are not supported by experimental facts and not validated by a rigorous statistical analysis should not be accepted easily.
  • My preferred book is The Sceptical Chemist, by Robert Boyle (XVII century).
  • I do not understand the Politics as a game among politicians but as honest and professional management of Public Affairs, with a sole objective: the welfare in society, richness and health.
  • I strongly believe in the private initiative, and I think the Public Administrations should not waste the resources that are generated by companies and individuals (the taxations).

For those reasons I use the former German Mark (the 10 marks bill) with Karl F. Gauss image.
Economy and Science.


Non-Professional Activity
I write many tales, normally in the science fiction and alternate history. As well, many articles about matters related to Pharma Industry and Social Issues.